Pizza Pilgrims Open First Pizzeria

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As I write this I am drinking my second juice of the day (carrot, apple and ginger – rather yummy), which is a tell tale sign of a weekend of over-indulgence!  So this week I’m trying to be good, but don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint – I’m a juicing tart.  I can only go so long without having to chew on a solid!  Besides, Mike’s sallow eyes give me the guilts for depriving him of manly nourishment.  He says he likes the smoothies I make him in the mornings and the juices I prepare when I get home – but I wasn’t surprised when the American in him popped out this weekend…  Pizza, burgers and sour cream pancakes were requested and honestly, I was totally on board!

First up, Pizza Pilgrims.  It was Friday night – their second day of trading from their first restaurant – and as we quickly bagged some prime viewing seats in the window a queue was rapidly forming out the door…

The brothers, James and Thom, behind Pizza Pilgrims are Escape the City heroes (read their story here), so we felt particularly excited for them.  After the success of their street food van (check out the van here – so cute!), the next natural progression was of course a pizzeria, and what an amazing location – on Dean Street in the heart of Soho.

Pizza Pilgrims have kept their menu short and sweet – a carefully created selection of the best pizzas in class each prepared in front of you by brothers James and Thom, and their pizzaioli Pilgrims.  I’m a firm believer that the service you receive when dining out is underrated and essential for creating a lasting impression – whether you’re picking something up from a street food truck or sitting down in a restaurant.  Top marks to our server whose genuine enthusiasm was dangerous – I could easily have gone for round two with another delicious pizza but instead succumbed to the salt & olive oil over vanilla ice-cream and another glass of prosecco… being a good girl for 5 days is quite enough!

NYC Highlights with M&D

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Every week when Friday arrives, I think the same thing :: where has the week gone?!  It’s been almost a week since Mum and Dad flew back to London and I’m really missing showing them around and sharing NY with them.  Looking back over our pictures reminds me of all our amazing fortnight together!

Here’s a picture summary of their second week in New York.  There’s so much we did that I didn’t capture on camera but they’re safely stored in my memory bank…

When Mum and Dad first visited NY in 2006 they went to McSorley’s – Dad loved it there so we took him back for his birthday this year…

A snug restaurant in the West Village – delicious!

Mum & I really enjoyed listening to this lady sing with her band whilst we had dinner at the Antique Garage on Mercer Street, SoHo

After exploring Chelsea Market, we took a walk over the Chelsea Highline & through the market underneath…

Also on Mum & Dad’s list was to walk over Brooklyn Bridge, so we took Mike’s Mum along too & couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for it!

Fette Sau in Brooklyn is meat-lovers PARADISE!  It’s very cool.

We shared a couple of pounds (sounds a lot!) of meat which the guys inhaled whilst the women tried to demurely nibble on!

We showed Mike’s Mum the amazing view over to the Empire State & Chrysler Buildings from The James Hotel – the red moon was incredible!

At Bubby’s in Tribeca, which I consider to serve the best breakfasts in New York!  French toast stuffed with cream cheese & grape jelly – wowzers!

Look what we stumbled upon!  Can’t believe I’ve never seen the Ghostbusters fire station before!

 So there you have it – I so wish I could do everything all over again with Mum and Dad!  It was an amazing two weeks and I loved having them here!  Sharing with them where I’ve been and what I’ve seen over the last six months meant the world to me and I’ll cherish the memories.  Many more of them to come… :)

(All the places I’ve mentioned here are linked back so you can go exploring!)

Bon Voyage Ma & Pa!

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How about those pumpkins!

The last two weeks have flown by!  I can’t believe how much we’ve done and it’s been so fun showing Mum and Dad around New York!  I tried to make the trip as non-touristy as possible, giving them a local insider take on the NY lifestyle – and I’m so pleased they had a fab time!

My parents flew back to the UK last night – saying goodbye never gets easier…  I’m particularly close to my family and I’m so glad that I got to share NY with Mum and Dad.  Now I just need to get my brother over here!

I’ve got heaps to share from our trip, so whilst I’m working up posts on must-do’s in New York (like visiting Bubby’s for the best breakfast in the world!), check out my review of The James here, where Mum and Dad spent the second week of their trip.

NYLON Lifestyle Sets Sail!

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Last week I decided to take myself on a little trip over to Staten Island!  It was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky – I couldn’t have picked a better day.

Lots of people like to ride the Staten Island Ferry because you sail right by the Statue of Liberty – and surprisingly it is completely free to travel on the boat!  You could go back and fourth as many times as you like!

I wholly recommend a trip on the Staten Island Ferry – it really is the best way to see the Statue of Liberty and the most amazing views of Lower Manhattan!

After my little adventure, I took the subway up to Greenwich Village.  I’m not overly familiar with the area (and because I was people watching rather than concentrating on the subway stops, I overshot by one station which threw me of course a little!), so I tend to gravitate towards the SoHo area.  It wasn’t long before I found myself on West Houston Street, which has a great selection boutiques, restaurants and bars. 

Like I said, I always seem to wind up in SoHo!

Monday Catch-Up

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This post has been a labour of love.  My poor Mac is on it’s last legs so trying to do the most simple things takes hours.  It’ll be a while before I can buy a new computer so this one needs to keep it together until that day comes!

This weekend Mike and I set aside time to have a Date Day!  On Saturday we braved the heat wave and spent the day pottering around SoHo.  It was so lovely to spend time mooching around together, dipping in and out of some of our favorite spots.

Here’s how our day unfolded…


As you can see, the weekend involved a fair bit of eating!  So with that, off I go to the gym… I need to take my frustrations for this Mac out on the cross-trainer!

Today I’m listening to Nick Waterhouse, (If) You Want Trouble!

Tacos in NoLita, NY

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You know when you’re out and about and you spot somewhere you’d love to try for breakfast/lunch/dinner sometime, and you make a mental note?  I do that all the time, and then I forget where that place was and what it was called – so annoying!  I should really write these places down.  Fortunately Mike’s sense of direction and memory for where the places are that I’ve pointed out, are both very good (although I’d never tell him that!).

The other day we were making our way back home after one of Mike’s Escape the City events in Soho and decided to stop off to grab a quick bite.  Mike wanted to show me this place on Elizabeth Street where he’d had a meeting a few days previous.

What I love about the SoHo/NoLita area of New York is that the streets are small and intimate, and in the evening people spill out from restaurants and bars onto the paths, drinking, eating and catching up.  When the weather is nice all the windows and doors are flung open and the whole area feels so inviting.  Another great feature of this area (and in many areas around Manhattan and Brooklyn) is that rather than gutting and remodeling old garages and warehouses to form pretty stores and restaurants, instead left as they are.  One perfect example is Tacombi – a cool eatery in NoLita which serves tacos from a VW camper van!

I’d be willing to bet that Tacombi has the most friendly service in the whole of New York!  This huge garage has been converted into a leafy, Mexican oasis.  We were greeted by Eddie – ahhh Eddie, all restaurants need an Eddie!  He greeted us like old friends, briefly explained how Tacombi works (very simply, the back area is table service and the front area is self-serve – we opted for the front area) and joked that the Mexican in the VW makes a mean taco!


Here’s Tacombi’s NY debut at Fashions Night Out!

And a word from the owner, Dario Wolos…

For really yummy tacos find Tacombi at 267 Elizabeth Street, NoLita, NY

PS. The VW van can be hired out for parties!

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