Three weeks, we waited with nervous excitement, for a quote from a builder. We’d drawn up our dream renovation, planning out how we wanted the flat to look (we’re going for a cool family home – there’s such a fine line!), the builder got exactly what we wanted and whipped together a quote for us in three excruciating weeks. Finally it came through and, as you might’ve guessed, when the quote arrived, we were stunned… More than stunned. We knew our friends had completed renovations on whole houses for a third of the quote we received, so we knew it was possible, but the pressure of wanting everything to look perfect for when our little boy arrives brought me to tears. Of course, I know he doesn’t mind what the flat looks like (heck, I’m not sure baby’s can even see for the first few weeks!). But I care. I’ve dreamt of having my dream house for a long time, and now we have a baby on the way my nesting instinct is present in full force.

Ordinarily I would mull this over with a glass of wine, and boy did I need one! But since that wasn’t an option all I could try to do is sleep on it. Today we decided to call on a friends builder to get a comparison. We’re meeting tomorrow… fingers crossed!