On Sunday morning Mikey and I popped to Colbert for a spot of brunch to ease our hangovers from the night before (and the night before that….).   We’d initially planned on going to Cote across the road, but poor brunch planning meant that they’d run out of everything and had to stop serving early.  Tut tut!  Not to be messed with when our heads are throbbing, we mustered our best “oh, that’s ok” faces and turned toward Colbert.

Colbert is beautifully designed and the finishing touches are of the finest detail.  1920s/30s pictures confirm you have stepped back in time, and the LFW crowd decorated the tables with their stylish air.  Everyone was obviously someone, but no-one to me…  I don’t run in those circles but it’s very nice to pretend sometimes.

Brunch was a delicious croque madame – perfect and washed down with a virgin mary and cappuccino chaser.  Sadly Mikey’s brunch of scrambled eggs with chopped smoked salmon resembled baby food and made him feel less well than before.  A poor choice from the usually smug holder of the food envy card.  Better luck next time, Mikey ;-)