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I hope everyone in the UK has had a super weekend celebrating the Diamond Jubilee!  Four days off and only 3 days until the weekend – wouldn’t it be great if every week was like this?!

Today I’ve watched bits of the Jubilee celebrations on TV.  We’re a day behind you guys over here, and the commentary of the coverage has been quite funny – the American’s really seem to love the Royals, and are facinated by the Middleton sisters.  Tonight they’re airing yesterday’s Jubilee concert which I’ve heard was amazing!  I feel quite jealous that I missed it!

Besides getting a little choked up watching the Queen wave to her adoring public from the balcony, I’ve also been on a bit of a pinning marathon…  It all started out quite innocently, just poking around the pinners most recent pins. But then I discovered Katie Armour, who led to Hanna Seabrook, then Thea Neubauer, then Jacque Reid, then Miss Millionairess, then Megan Gilger, to caOlina and BANG!  6 hours of my life (and valuable packing time) whizzed past!  Incidently all this pinning did lead me back to my own board, so we’re all chasing eachother’s tails!

This Lately on Pinterest post is all about velvet.  I was inspired by the Talisman, the crown designed by De Beers in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  This crown has a jaw-dropping 974 diamonds set against gorgeous Royal Blue velvet.  It looks stunning!
Velvet is such a gorgeous fabric.  It’s not as flashy as satin, but smarter than cotton!  I love how soft it is and can’t walk past a velvet covered chair or sofa without stroking it.  Colours in velvet look soft and inviting.  When I come to decorate a home one day, there will be at least one chair or sofa covered with velvet, and also maybe one of these beautiful rich velvet throws from The White Company!
Here are a few of my favourite velvetine images from across the Pinosphere!  And also be sure to check out the links to the pinners I’ve credited above – their boards are fantastic!
This is a crown I could wear everyday… yes, this one will do nicely!
(Picture credits: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)
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