Bringing it Home

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As a planner, I am very much enjoying collecting inspiring images and creating mood boards for our new flat.  Here are the beginnings of my inspiration.  Whilst I think it’s important to actually live in the space and get a good feel for it before jumping right into adding items, there are a few things I know I’d like to do to make the flat feel like our home.

All images snatched from lovely pinners!

Take me there

· Hot Homes

I’m very excited! … And nervous, and apprehensive and then whipping right back round to excited again!  It’s the new flat, you see.  I’ve gone and done what I always do and let myself get carried away – like I’ve met the *perfect guy (*Mike), bought a love fern, replaced my surname with his, and made a photoshop collage of what our children will look like.  (NB I only did one of these things when I met Mike). Read more →

The Parlour Brooklyn

· Dining in NY

Getting my hair cut has always been something I dread.  It’s not the hairdresser – it is entirely my problem.  Having said that, you could argue that the ‘issue’ arose from a dodgy hair do and ever since that fateful day I’ve been scarred.  So it was most out of character when I decided to not only try a new hairdresser, but to visit one in a totally different country.  Have you ever had your hair cut in a different country?  It’s an odd thought… as if having your hair cut in your own county somehow provides some sort of comfort blanket.  I think we’ve established that that isn’t true!  So with that in mind, I was fairly fearless when it came to deciding to lay my precious locks in the hands of a stylist across the Atlantic.  My salon of choice: The Parlour Brooklyn.   Read more →

The Power of Empathy

· Life

Four months, 12 days.  What a lazybones!  Well – that may be true in part, but actually there’s been a tonne of stuff happening in the background that more than covers my reasons for absence.

The big news is that at the end of December I left the interior design company I adore, with a slightly-misty-but-visible-enough path ahead of me.  Due to personal reasons Mike and I are travelling back and forth across to New York more frequently than ever, which is both tiring and emotionally draining.  New York will always be a city I’m so in love with – it’s shiny, gritty, noisy, robust, busy and I feel wonderfully anonymous exploring every nook and pocket of it.  But we now go over there on a different mission.   Read more →

Colbert, Sloane Square

· Dining in LON

On Sunday morning Mikey and I popped to Colbert for a spot of brunch to ease our hangovers from the night before (and the night before that….).   We’d initially planned on going to Cote across the road, but poor brunch planning meant that they’d run out of everything and had to stop serving early.  Tut tut!  Not to be messed with when our heads are throbbing, we mustered our best “oh, that’s ok” faces and turned toward Colbert. Read more →

Aqua Shard

· Dining in LON

Birthday parties, weddings, suede shoe days, pump days, “oops I’ve forgotten my brolly” days… it always rains when you wish it wouldn’t!  So my first trip up the Shard was no exception!  Regardless of the blurred vision from the 32nd floor, London still looked spectacular…

We were surprised to find that Aqua Shard was so busy at 6:30pm on a Wednesday evening – the crowd looked comfortable like regulars.  We circled the room but couldn’t find seats so Mikey suggested we see if the restaurant has any space for dinner – a no-show meant we got lucky!  And lucked out on prime viewing window seats! Read more →

Have You Heard?

· Do it in LON

Albemarle Street is buoyant with hot new places opening this season.  Paul Smith’s amazing new store opened a fortnight ago at No.9 and is looking fabulous!  Pop along and be sure to say hi to my brother – he’s the tall blonde you’ll see rocking Paul’s new collection!

Another addition to Albemarle Street is Gymkhana, where we’ll undoubtedly be grabbing post work drinks when it’s doors open later this Autumn.

Autumn Style

· Style

It really does feel like Autumn today – the leaves are changing, the nights are pulling in and there’s definitely a chill in the air.  Since I am still recovering from a cold (and was out partying last night), today I decided to lacquer myself up in vaseline, stay in and indulge in a little online shopping!  Check out my inspiration below and links to the pieces I bought… Read more →

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