Black Seed Bagel New York 1

Black Seed

A couple of weeks ago I was in America for my birthday. I flew into JFK, picked up Mikey, and 2 hours later we were on another flight down to Miami, where I saw in my 32nd. It was bliss!

Of course I couldn’t go over to America without getting my fix of New York, so after 5 days in Miami we flew back up to New York where we chilled, shopped and ate our way around our favourite city.

Time flew by and before I knew it, our last day arrived. Now, you can’t possibly go over to New York without having a bagel – that would be madness. Like you can’t go over without looking up at the Empire State Building. But because NYLon Black Book is all about finding the best the city has to offer, my bagel hunt was no exception.

I was loosing hope, until, as if by some wonderful twist of fate, we turned the corner onto Elizabeth Street and spotted Black Seed. Somewhere etched in my mind, I must’ve read about Black Seed, because I locked eyes with it, was transfixed and drawn to it as if pulled by gravity. This is the place, I thought, this is the place where great bagels are made.

I wasn’t wrong. These folks know their stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Black Seed to all!

Black Seed Bagel New York 1

Black Seed Bagel New York 2

Check out how they make their amazing bagels here:

Visit Black Seed at 170 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Lighten Up

Lighten Up

It occurred to me this morning that I don’t have enough lamps. I can honestly say that I have never given any thought whatsoever to my personal collection of lamps. They consist of (and I hope I’m not alone here) the finest Ikea has to offer. The shades are tatty, the off-white is now just ‘off’, and I’m worried friends may think me unkempt. This needs remedying immediately.  Continue reading



I’ve always enjoyed reading the stories behind businesses. The more honest and relatable the story, the better – I find them so inspiring.

My interest is the art of living. I love my website because it’s a user-so-friendly portal into my mind – which I hope is that of an alpha-woman entrepreneur. This is something I work at every day.

Over on NYLon Black Book I’ve written my own story of where my motivation came from to create the website. The feedback I’ve received from my story has been so wonderful – in honesty I was overwhelmed! I couldn’t have wished for a better response. Which goes to show the power of an honest relatable story.

Get the Look!


Today’s an exciting day for NYLon Black Book! Today I’ll be rolling out the ‘Get the Look’ feature over on NYLon Black Book! This unique feature gives you the option to peruse those items you love from the places featured on the site. Whether it’s a lamp that would go beautifully in your bedroom, to a VW camper van! With options to suit your price range, getting the look you love is within easy reach.

A ton of hard work, late nights and passion has gone into every one of these pages so I’ll be giving myself a little high-5 in celebration! It’s all about the little things.

Follow over on the NYLon Black Book Facebook page or over on Twitter for updates!

Escape the City

Shortly after I launched NYLon Black Book, I was interviewed by Escape the City. The response to my interview knocked my socks off! I was so happy to hear that my story encourages and inspires others to create something they can be proud of. We spend most of our lives at work – it makes complete sense to do something you love. By building NYLon Black Book I have developed a unique set of skills which I hope to use to re-shape my career. Whilst I loved being a PA for 9 years, I have changed and feel excited to explore other opportunities.


Bringing it Home

As a planner, I am very much enjoying collecting inspiring images and creating mood boards for our new flat.  Here are the beginnings of my inspiration.  Whilst I think it’s important to actually live in the space and get a good feel for it before jumping right into adding items, there are a few things I know I’d like to do to make the flat feel like our home.

All images snatched from lovely pinners!


Take me there

I’m very excited! … And nervous, and apprehensive and then whipping right back round to excited again!  It’s the new flat, you see.  I’ve gone and done what I always do and let myself get carried away – like I’ve met the *perfect guy (*Mike), bought a love fern, replaced my surname with his, and made a photoshop collage of what our children will look like.  (NB I only did one of these things when I met Mike). Continue reading